Welcome to my Energy, Preventive Maintenance, Appliance Tips, plus Planning Ahead

Here you will be able to find a small check list of tips on common things that are forgotten, before calling me for a Service Call, tips in using most common appliances, energy saving & spring preventive maintenance tips which you will come to appreciate. Just another service I offer which is helpful to many.

Pre-Service Call Tips - ELECTRICAL - before Calling 404-375-7110 or email

  • Check Breaker - Center Position - Tripped - Turn Off, then On to RESET

  • If Breaker Flips Back to Center Position, You Have a Direct Short and U need service

  • Replace Darkened/Metal Blown Screw in Plug Fuses with Same Taken Out

  • Reset The GFI Buttons of Outlets in Kitchen, Bath, Garage or Basements

  • Some GFI's Control Other Outlets Nearby such as kitchens, Others May Control Outside Outlets as well


  • Can Lights Have Heat Sensors for Safety. ONLY USE Appropriate Size Bulbs

  • Try Replacing Bulbs Using 60 Watt Max Unless Otherwise Labeled

 Pre-Service Call Tips - PLUMBING

  • Disposer Failed? Check Red Reset Button Underneath - Push in to RESET

  • Toilet Flapper Leaking?  Clean Off Rim Side of Flapper and the Round Flapper Seat

  • Sink Faucets Run Slow?  Unscrew Areator and Run Water Backwards to Clean

  • Low Water Pressure or Small Ice Cubes in Refrigerator May be Due to Dirty Filter, or Wrong Saddle Valve Being Used that Connects your Water Supply at the Pipe 

  • If Supply Lines Appear to Leak, You May Use a Wrench and Tighten 1/4 Turn Clockwise (Looking at the Pipe Front to Back) This May Stop the Leak.

If none of the above work to solve your problem, Call me to schedule a Service Call

Fall/Spring P. M. Tips

  • For Better Cooling, and Heating With Heat Pumps and Cooling Units Only -Wash/Clean Coils at Unit Yearly With Coil Cleaner and Use Outdoor Hose With Spray Nozel to Clean Out Backwards if possible

  • For NO CLOG Condensation Pump Lines, Pour Bleach/Water Mix into Pump Tank to Clean Them Out Yearly 

  • Flush Hot Water Heater with hose Yearly to Clean Bottom which will Reduce Energy Usage & Flush out Rust which Ruins Your Water Heater. 

  • Insulate All Pipes Within 5 Feet of Any Outside Wall to Help Prevent Freezing

  • In Winter, Turn Off any Outdoor Faucets from Inside and Leave Open Outside to Drain, or Have a Ball Cock Shutoff Installed to Drain Water Properly from Inside

  • Clean Refrigerator Coils on Back Side or Underneath at least Yearly for Proper Operation and prevent break downs

*These Tips are Preventative Maintenance and can Prolong the Life of Your Appliance and could Save You a Service Call or Big Bucks and Expensive Repairs. It can also Reduce the Energy it Costs You to Run these High Energy Appliances 

*All the above tips are based on my personal experience through many years of testing or work related jobs and professional knowledge based facts listed in books, user manuals, guides and TV shows with tips. Not all may work for you, and may be particular in your situation depending upon surroundings, construction, insulation, abilities and other influencing factors

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