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Born in Minnesota and the Son of an Electronics Engineer, was what inspired me to follow somewhat in my fathers foot steps.  At the age of 6 and the height of 4', my Dad had our new split level house built right next door on the same property we lived on which my Dad had split into two lots of coarse, and was the greatest thing for me at my age back then aside from the fact it was a great place to play around in as it was being built. 

It was wired for sound throughout, which my Dad had done himself before all the walls were put up, so they could always find us through the house. And then, I had my own bedroom. Below me was my Dad's work shop that had every power tool know to man at that time.  My Dad was also a ham radio operator where he spent many hours talking all over the World and building his own ham radios, relay stations and many other circuit boards etc, etc. and he was always late for dinner.

Of coarse for me learning what he was doing at the time was over my head, but as the years went by he taught me many things about what he did, how resistors and one-way diodes work.  As for electronics as well as electrical it was all hands on from there, which we all know is the best way of learning.  Later I would come to know what I wanted to do later in life.

After that point, I had learned how to solder circuit boards, build things with transformers, relays, power supplies, heaters and thermostats all on my own, in my Mother and Dad's astonishment.  I even had my own A/C in my bedroom with a thermostat on the wall I had hooked up to my own power supply and relay to operate it at the age of 12-14.  At the age of 15, I was helping my Dad wire circuits around the house.  At the age of 16, I was old enough to work.  When I was 18, my Dad got me a job at the same building he worked in at Control Data in St. Paul in the electronic assembly area as an electronic soldering technician on those pc boards you see.

On top of that we added a bathroom to the basement of our house which was then where I learned how to also do plumbing, which later would come to be a great asset in what I've been doing, as dishwashers are not only powered with electricity, but water also.  My Dad knew how to do everything mechanically or otherwise like that.  I guess it helped working for Pan Am Airways, Honeywell and Control Data.  I would later become very aware of how to take apart, put back together, rewire and know about anything mechanical and electrical in how they work and run.

During High School, I took Shop and Auto Mechanics.  I can take apart a carburator for a vehicle and put it back together again, which I actually would do on my cars.  To this day, I do all my own tune-ups, oil changes and other things that need to be fixed.  I can probably count the number of times to this day on one hand that I have paid to have my oil changed.

Being very mechanically inclined and going through school I decided I was going to go into electronics, but didn't realize before doing so, that what I really liked was actually electrical gadgets and wiring.  Needless to say, I didn't continue in the electronics field, but got more into electrical after I graduated and moved from the cold winters of Minnesota to the warmer winters of Atlanta, Georgia.  Here is where I came to doing what I liked most moonlighting at first as a second job and then I had too many clients later to keep on with my regular full time job in accounting in the corporate world. So that is when I became gainfully self employed.  Later, I would be doing things the right way they should be done of higher quality instead of taking the shortcuts many others do to get a job done in order to move on to the next job sooner to impress the boss doing things improperly and of lower quality.

So, taking into consideration of my electrical and plumbing skills which I have improved on probably 300% with allot of hard work, reading, and listening to other influential people including bosses and co-workers in my field, I now have many repeat clients, references, and work that I do mostly myself that I take great pride in and of getting things done properly.  I have been wiring homes, repairing/servicing appliances and circuit panels and rewiring since what seems to be the beginning of time for me, but after about 25 years of it I have grown into other areas besides and still like what I'm doing and am proud to serve the many clients and friends I have and will remain to.

If you are not familiar with my company and this is your first contact with me online, I would be pleased to hear from you!  Please let me know what your needs and questions are and I will be more than happy to help.

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