Welcome to my Business Page!

Here is where you can check out business options, contacts, payment & rates, work hours and references.  Also, If you like this Website or you need a web hosting service, please click on the link listed below their picture to contact them which will benefit me as well as you.

1&1 Web Hosting Service

If you have other questions or need other information,

please Call 404-375-7110 or email


I may be contacted in several ways:

As like most us, we are all busy, and time is of the essence. If contacting me on a Friday, it may be Saturday before you get a return call.  But, be patient, I usually return calls and email within a 24 hour period.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday thru Thursday - 10am to 7pm

  • Fridays - Emergency Work Only

  • Saturdays - 10am to 7pm 

  • Sundays - 11am to 6pm 


  •  Low $59 Service Calls (Diagnostic) 

  • Call for Hourly and Other Rates

Client Links

Since I do support small business owners like myself, some of my clients have business's that are directly linked to my business whom we share those clients needs from Decorating, to Electrical, Plumbing and other building needs to accomplish the end result from time to time.  So I would like to link those of you as being reputable and reliable sources that I would want to call on.  


If you are a client and wish to be part of my "linking websites", please feel free to contact me to discuss the linking of your website to mine.  Present your business card or associate a picture from your existing website for me to load into the space above.  I Look forward to hearing from you!


Available Payment Methods

Of coarse cash or check is best, but one of the most convenient, useful and safely encrypted websites to pay by phone or online is PayPal.  By going to www.PayPal.com you can pay anyone using their email address by Visa, Master Card or Discover credit cards. You do not need a PayPal account to send money, but you do to receive it. Use this email address of davidjc135@clear.net to send payments.  If you have any problems or questions on this service, please contact me or check with PayPal @888-221-1161.

If you plan on using this service, please be aware that the cost for using this service is 3% of what you send, or receive, for the convenience of doing so.  Please add this calculated amount first to the amount you need to send and contact me to inform me of your plan to use this service as the time frame for these type of credits can be 3-4 business days.


I have over 50 repeat customers with references available upon Request Only**. 

For a Copy of this list, please Click here

*Due to the Increase of Fuel Prices and the economy, any costs listed above may change without notice.   

**This list shall not be used for any other intended purpose other than your reference guide in seeking out reliable, trust worthiness and good work ethics to bring together a business relationship between you and the company listed above. Nor shall it be used to: solicit, gain employment, help in personal gain, or to profit in yours or anyone else's business goals, transactions or endeavors, unless you care to retain legal council at your own expense.

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